Get to Know the Hidden Mystery Behind Ritual of Breaking Glass at Weddings?

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In the world, there are several cultures that are present that have a different set of rituals. In addition, all of them pure and auspicious in their respective meanings. However, India is considered to be the country of rituals.

However, people tend to practice numerous rituals but break a glass at weddings that might have put you pondering about it.

Well, it is a ritual that is practiced at weddings due to different auspicious meanings and beliefs. We are here discussing the concept of it if you are eager to know to continue reading the article.

Ritual of breaking glass at weddings

With the breaking of the glass ritual, it is an auspicious ritual that is based on the firm belief of the traditional people.

The symbolism of breaking glass at the wedding means you are breaking off all the odds and negativity into the life of the newly wedded couples.

It is believed that breaking glass keeps the evil spirits away from the lives of the groom and bride and allows them to make their relation stronger and better.

It is practiced by the old people or the elders of the family where they practice. It also explains the meaning of the newly wedded couple.

By doing this, they also bless the couple to be together for a lifetime. In addition, they advise them to stand firm by each other and make this relationship better with their efforts together.

Note: you must be pondering that it is all about the superstition, but however it is not completely wrong, but the good belief behind the practice and good intentions of elders for the couple is pure and auspicious. So it is completely one’s choice to perform and perceive according to their respective opinions.


The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can easily draft a conclusion that it is completely dependent on one’s belief that he/ she follows up the different set of rituals.

Practicing breaking the glass at the wedding is one of those beliefs so that the relationship becomes stronger and better.

We have discussed the concept related to the ritual, and if you are also curious about rituals, then you can consider performing this one on your wedding to add a fun element to your wedding.

We hope you find the details mentioned above informative, and you might have ended up knowing something better.