Get to know about the smashing plates ritual of Greeks? Easy guide for beginners!

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Millennials are pretty much obsessed with the relations these days. Companionship is the most extraordinary thing that can make individuals feel about the importance of togetherness.

When two people decide to live together, then it is an auspicious thing. Additionally, the wedding is a promising thing that the reason why several rituals are performed to make it even better.

Also, it is right for you to understand the importance of these rituals practiced at weddings. We are here discussing the meaning behind the smashing plates at the Greek wedding ritual. If you are eager to know more about it, it then continues reading the article for better details.

Smashing plates in Greeks wedding

The ancient tradition of smashing plates is a ritual that was mainly practiced in ancient times due to several reasons.

Greeks wedding

The primary reason was to keep the evil spirits away from the newly wedded couple, and by smashing the plates, they can do so. Another common reason behind it is that you tend to show the royalty of them merely not washing dishes but instead smashing them up.

However, this Greek tradition of breaking plates was the practice before, but due to the cost of the replacing, the plates the custom has pretty much come to an end.

This is now practiced occasionally at Greek weddings. To boot, in those cases, the ceramic plates are smashed that are less expensive easy to pay off for.

When you visit Greece for a vacation, you might experience this at a night club or restaurant, and then you would be known to the ritual surely. You can enjoy the ritual too and wish for the couple also.

So, this was the mystery behind the smashing culture of the Greeks in the weddings.

The summary

From the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude to the fact that it is only a belief of ancient people for the healthy relationship of the newly wedded couple.

The activity that is practiced by Greeks smash plates symbolizes that you can get the evil spirits and power away from the couple with the shattering sound of the plates.

It is a fun ritual, if possible you can also try this out in your wedding to add on the fun element in the marriage. We hope you find the details informative, and you get to know something unique and good.